Sunday, 13 March 2011


Oh my gaaaaaawdddddddd, sorry that took SO long,
just uploaded my first lookbook image, and made sure I got my legs in else they would be all telling me it was too short but then it was saying it was too short and all this, anyway I'll get the hang of it EVENTUALLY.

So go have a gander. :)

This just made me laugh!

Anyway after an absolute failure of a day I wandered to the bus stop via UO
Spent suchhhhhhh a long time in there to try and warm up mostly! I was ruddy freezing!
And ended up buying something but am planning to do an outfit post with it so I'll just give some kind of small clue!

Not gonna lie thats a pretty massive clue but it was reduced to a tenner! could not resist for 9 quid!

Anyway time for a yogurt!

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